Clare Caulfield is a Yorkshire based artist and printmaker whose work is inspired by her travels to some of the world’s greatest cities, some of which she returns to again and again drawing on new ideas each time.  Her collection includes Paris, Venice, New York, Rome, Prague, Istanbul and Sydney.  The magic of each location being recreated in Clare’s very distinctive and illustrative style of working.  She produces mixed-media paintings, original handmade prints, limited edition prints and art cards which are exhibited throughout the U.K. 

Drawing has always been a very important part of Clare’s work. She is fascinated by architecture be it the Midtown skyscrapers of Manhattan, The Grand Canal in Venice or simply capturing Parisian life outside a bustling pavement café.  


Clare’s love of drawing and use of line lend themselves perfectly to her work as a printmaker. She produces her handmade original prints at West Yorkshire Print Workshop where she also teaches weekend screen print courses.  Screen printing allows Clare to transfer the lively original drawings often taken directly from her sketchbook produced whilst on her travels, onto both paper and canvas enabling her prints to maintain this great sense of spontaneity. Within many of her screen prints Clare combines elements of hand painted acrylic and watercolour resulting in each print being a truly individual piece in itself.  

Clare also produces drypoint prints, a method of intaglio printmaking as she enjoys the rich velvety line quality it achieves. Some of these prints also combine elements of
chiné-colle allowing Clare to introduce subtle areas of colour and
texture into her compositions. 

Clare exhibits her paintings and prints with galleries throughout the country in regular solo and group shows.  Please visit her online shop or stockists list.






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